Friday, March 20, 2015

Gopher Hockey PairWise Update - What I Believe: Friday Night Edition

Here is what I believe when it comes to the Gophers and the NCAA Tournament:

Minnesota can only miss the tournament if the following occurs-

  • Michigan beats Minnesota in the B1G, AND
  • Colgate beats Harvard in the ECAC, AND
  • UMass-Lowell beats BU in HE, AND
  • Miami beats SCSU in the NCHC, AND
  • Michigan Tech beats Mankato in the WCHA, AND
  • North Dakota beats Denver in the NCHC 3rd Place Game
Any other result in any other game and the Gophers are in the NCAA Tournament.  If each outcome is a 50/50 probability and we take a Minnesota loss as an assumption, there is a 3.125% chance that this scenario will occur.

A win tomorrow night against Michigan would likely mean a #9 or #10 overall seed, whereas a loss will probably net Minnesota a #13 or #14 seed.

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