Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Moments in the Gopher-Sioux Rivalry #4

In this special edition of the Pride on Ice Blog in honor of it being Gophers/Sioux week, I'm going to count down what I think are some of the great moments in the rivalry. At number four, in a moment that is a painful memory for many Gopher fans, is a great game that went the way of the Sioux. The West Regional Final in 2007:

Coming up tomorrow - Great Moment #3!

EDIT: Big thanks to Dan Greene over at ECAC Hockey Blog for help with embedding the video!

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  1. Yes. Under the YouTube Video press the "Share" button, then press the "Embed" button. The code to embed will then come up. Copy it and paste it into your post box under the HTML tab.

    - Dan from 1989 & Still Waiting (www.ecachockeyblog.blogspot.com)


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