Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Moments in the Gopher-Sioux Rivalry #1

Finally at #1 in our countdown of great moments in the Gopher-Sioux Rivalry... it's a tie! I could not pick between these two moments, so feast your eyes on both of them!

#1A) Neal Broten scoring the game winning goal in the 1979 National Championship game:

#1B) Blake Wheeler scoring the game winning goal in overtime to defeat the Sioux in the WCHA Final Five championship game in 2007:

I get goosebumps just watching these videos!


  1. Trupp's goal was better than both and doesn't even make the list???

  2. A couple replies to Anonymous' comment above:

    A) Trupp's goal was to win a relatively meaningless OT game in the regular season, these goals were to win the Final Five in OT (Wheeler) and a goal in the National Championship game (Broten).

    B) This is a Gopher Hockey blog. I already gave props to the Sioux by picking the North Dakota win in the regional final as moment number four, what more do you want? :)

    C) These goals were better pure goals than the Trupp goal in my opinion. I was at that game and remember it well, it was a great goal, but in my (admittedly biased) view, the goals shown above are the best moments in this rivalry.

  3. I get htat this is a gopher blog which is why I was surprised that you even put one Sioux highlight on there, thought I'd push my luck in asking for another.

    Obviously rooting interests go a long way in forming an opinion of which goal was better. The stakes were no doubt higher for the Gopher goals, but I feel that Trupp's had a higher degree of difficulty as both he and the puck were in midair when he swatted it.

    Agree to disagree I guess.

  4. No question it was a great goal. I was at that game it was a VERY disapppointing ending (in my opinion!) :)


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